First Star's 24th Annual Niagara Summer Psychic Fair & Expo
Holiday Inn & Suites - July 14, 15, 16, 2017 - Exhibitors
KW Floor Plan

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Angela Donnelly --> Booth Number: C-3

Using her ability to channel both information & energy, Angela helps people understand the issues they have in their life currently & how they can move past them, by either changing their thoughts or by changing their energy.

Ask Jewelee --> Booth Number: B-1

Jewelee is a psychic medium who uses her natural gifts as well as some incredible tools such as the tarot, witches runes and pendulums to answer her clients most sought after questions. Jewelee also specializes in areas such as love, career, health, family, and in general readings.

Auraphotography by Auraphotogenic --> Booth Number: D-1

Auraphotogenic specializes in energy fields. Their photographic & energetic biofeedback equipment can detect & provide you with a graphical representation of your own unique energy, & a detailed chakra analysis report.

Believe in Angels and Beyond --> Booth Number: A-8

Messages from Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides & Pet Animals. Lenka Kamenicky also does Tarot Readings.

Betty J Ware --> Booth Number: E-1

Psychic Medium Tarot Master. Connecting with Tarot, Connecting with Witchcraft and Connecting with Spell Craft books.

Charlotte Szivak --> Booth Number: C-5

Born on a New Moon Solar Eclipse, Charlotte is an Oracle, a Soul Igniter, a Mentor, an Alchemist, and a Conscious Evolutionary Intuitive Guide with Full Sensory Perception.

Darryl Philip --> Vendor's Row

Darryl is a self taught theologian & author. In his new book entitled "Relax... You're Not Going to Die - Part 1", Darryl explains some of the most perplexing questions about God & Life. He uses a spiritual perspective to show why our lives are the way they are.

Debbie – Innervision --> Booth Number: A-4

Debbie is clairvoyant and clairsentient and uses Tarot Cards, Osho Zen cards and the pendulum to forecast for you. She starts with that which is affecting you now and moves forward from there – warm and gentle energy.

Dyer Electronic Horoscopes --> Booth Number: E-2

Electronic Horoscopes. Readings by a computer include Electronic Tarot, Biorhythms, Future Forecast and Sex/Love Scope. Also being ofered are palm analysis, birth/natal charts, and compatibility charts. All printouts available in English, French, Spanish or Dutch.

Eddie Diijon --> Booth Number: A-5

Tarot card and palm readings. Diijon has read for Madonna, Cher, Jack Layton and has appeared on the David Letterman show five times.

Evolove Healing --> Booth Number: C-2

Angel & Spirit guided messages of love, healing & support for challenges in life. Always on point & direct for the hear & now. You will leave with clarity & better understanding of where you are & what you need to move forward with peace.

Kathleen Psychic Medium --> Booth Number: A-7

Kathleen connects with deceased loved ones and brings communications of life, love and support. With her born psychic gifts, spirit guides and angelic beings, she addresses every day concerns. Kathleen is a Spiritualist Minister of Healing & Prophesy through the Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale NY.

Liz Throp Psychic Medium --> Booth Number: A-3

Liz is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Soul Coach, & Spiritual Work shop Instructor. To assist in her readings, Liz uses Tarot and Angel cards. Liz has an uncanny way of connecting soulfully with her clients immediately in a way that your reading with her will feel as though you are connecting with an old friend.

Margarett Sample Intuitive Medium --> Booth Number: A-2

Margarett Sample is a well-respected and highly regarded Intuitive Medium & Channel. Margarett connects you with loved ones who have crossed over, providing Spirited Insight from them, and from your Guides & Angels, with compassion, gentle humor and understanding.

Mark Lewis --> Booth Number: A-9

Mark Lewis is known as the Famous Irish Psychic. He is an accomplished palmist and tarot card reader. When working in Ireland he became a household name as a psychic with masses of newspaper publicity.

Moonology --> Vendor's Row

Offered for sale will be moon jewelry, moon photos, lunar calendars, lunar birthday cards, African hair combs, and hair jewels.

Mother May --> Booth Number: A-1

Mother May was born in Jamaica West Indies and is a 3rd generation spiritualist medium born with the gift. She started using her gift to help people with sorting out their lives. She does past lives, future, past, present, interpretation of dreams, and advises on jobs, business, and relationships.

Natural Image Care by Camille --> Booth Number: C-7

Natural Image Care by Camille Louise Jarmusz, CH offers Certified Organic Skin Care, Clinically proven for age defying, clear skin & repair of damaged skin. Hypnosis & Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) for Weight Release & Age Reversal.

Orgonic Transmuter --> Vendor's Row

Orgonic Transmuter offers an array of powerful energy devices, which transform the energy in your living space and your personal energetic field.

Paul Pacific - Canada’s Barefoot Prophet --> Booth Number: C-6

Having seen his first aura at age 14, Paul has since been a compassionate & friendly spiritual reader with over 25 years experience. Paul will provide guidance and counsel in all areas of your life with his powerful and insightful readings which include psychometry, tarot cards & numerology.

The Feng Shui Way --> Vendor's Row

Feng Shui products including Wealth Vases & Calabashes, Feng Shui Consulting Services & Courses, VoxxLife Wellness Socks.

The Oracle of Delphi --> Booth Number: C-4

Kalliope is 4th generation Psychic Medium & Tarot Card Reader. She is a claircognizant with the ability to channel messages from Spirit. Kalliope will also be selling Intention Candles at the show.

The Massage Lady --> Vendor's Row

The Massage Lady and her team will be offering relaxing seated chair massages throughout the show. You will enjoy the variety of massages offered and the intuitive touch that is brought to all their sessions.

The Tarot Path --> Booth Number: C-1

Ana is an international psychic medium with more than 15 years of experience. She provides unique readings & spiritual advisory by combining tools as Tarot cards, Numerology & Dowsing. Ricky sells crystals, Himalayan Salt products & more.

Véronique Bérubé --> Booth Number: A-6

Medium, clairvoyant, tarot reader. Messages from your guides & allies in the spirit world to ease & improve your journey.