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Psychic Fairs & Expos

Toronto Spring Psychic Fair & Expo
April 6, 7, 8, 2018

Toronto Spring - Exhibitors A-B
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Ancient Highland Strupach
Ancient Highland Strupach Readings is a 2000 year old Tradition based on Sacred Brehon Ogham Tree Laws. Strupach is Gaelic for Mystery in the Tea. Meditation with hand over cup in meditation with crystal in hand. Psychometry with personal artifacts as well.
Booth N°226a
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Angel Echoes – Bling Design 4U
Spiritual Medium, Oracle & Angel Readings Paired with Bling Design 4 U Hand Made Custom Creations.
Booth N°318a
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Angela Donnelly
Using her ability to channel both information & energy, Angela helps people understand the issues they have in their life currently & how they can move past them, by either changing their thoughts or by changing their energy.
Booth N°113
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Angele Valade
Crystals, precious stones, jewelry, and providing spiritual readings.
Booth N°122
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Ask Jewelee
Psychic/Medium readings, also palm and rune readings, crystals, pendulums, witches runes, spirit boards, books, tarot cards etc. for all you magickal and spiritual needs.
Booth N°208
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Aura Photography by Auraphotogenic
You will receive an aura photo with a 20 page chakra analysis by energy reader Dennis J Andersen.
Booth N°105
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Aura Photography with Jennifer
Jennifer is a fourth generation psychic. She can not only take your aura, chakra & meridian photos but she can also provide you with a psychic reading & interpretation that will ease your soul journey & guide you on your path.
Booth N°326a
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Awaken Tarot with Anne
Anne has been reading since 1972. Anne can help you find your best path in life. She reads tarot cards & photographs. Come to Anne & find your best possible path for life.
Booth N°326b
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Believe in Angels & Beyond - Lenka
Lenka is affectionately referred to as “Angel Lady”. Lenka can tell you all about your Guardian Angels, communicate with deceased loved ones, and bring messages from you Spirit Guides. For over 40 years this European has been reading Tarot too.
Booth N°222b
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Betty J Ware
Psychic Medium Tarot Master. Connecting with Tarot, Connecting with Witchcraft and Connecting with Spell Craft books.
Booth N°116
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Blue Mountain Medium – Beverly Frosch
Blue Mountain Medium – Beverly Frosch will be offering psychic, mediumship, and spiritual guidance readings.
Booth N°317a
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Blue Sky Quantum Healing
The Body Code is a very powerful non evasive energy healing modality whereby testing is done by asking your sub conscious mind yes/no questions related to physical, spiritual or emotional challenges. Once identified, we immediately release the energies which then help the body to return to balance.
Booth N°111
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Bonnie Thompson
Bonnie is a fourth generation Psychic/Medium who has been on Radio several times & currently has her own TV Show on Roger's in Ottawa. If you're looking for guidance ∧ would love a warm welcoming reading or have lost a loved one connect with Bonnie.
Booth N°206