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Toronto Spring Psychic Fair & Expo
April 6, 7, 8, 2018

Toronto Spring - Exhibitors E-F
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Eddie Diijon
Tarot card and palm readings. Diijon has read for Madonna, Cher, Jack Layton and has appeared on the David Letterman show five consecutive times.
Booth N°225a
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Elizabeth Rose - Deep Trance Channel
Elizabeth Rose is a Deep Trance Channel, Clinical Hypnotist, Natural Healing Arts Facilitator, International Speaker & author of the book “Diamond Lantern, Waking-up to Who You Really Are.” The Angels step into her to deliver messages & healing.
Booth N°127a
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Embrace Crystal Waters Inspired by Faeries
Room and body sprays energetically formulated with crystal water, organic grade essential oils, and activated pure spring water. Enhances the effectiveness of Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Tia Chi, and many other forms of Meditations.
Booth N°112
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Enhancing Your Mind, Body & Soul
Services offered include Chakra Balancing, Psychic Readings, and Chakra Readings.
Booth N°214 & 216
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European Psychic Nina
Psychic Readings. Palmistry. Tarot. Candles. Oils. Incense & Crystals.
Booth N°126b
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Fingerprint Orgonite Bio-Magnetic Devices
Orgonite bio-magnetic devices. Being sold will be a wide variety of orgone devices, from paperweights to pendants, and pendulums.
Booth N°103