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Psychic Fairs & Expos

Toronto Spring Psychic Fair & Expo
April 6, 7, 8, 2018

Toronto Spring - Exhibitors I-K
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Indigo Child
Crystals, stone jewellery, spirit boards and oracle cards, incense, crystal pipes, hand poured candles.
Booth N°322a
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Insight by Carol
Carol has been a gifted psychic from age 12. Throughout the years she honed her gift as a medium along with her ability to look into your past, present & future. If you have anything weighing on your life & need answers, Carol will provide the guidance you need to ease your mind & see your way clearly.
Booth N°221a
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Intuitive Counselling by Meena
Intuitive counselling services that include but not limited to modern & Vedic astrology, tarot reading, palmistry, face reading, channeling, energy healing & numerology. Strongly emphasized on counselling skills.
Booth N°121b
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Intuitive Naomi
Naomi is an intuitive Tarot Reader with many decades of experience. The cards and her guides tell Naomi what is happening in your life at the present time. Then, they go on to provide insight and direction into your future.
Booth N°114
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Jerry Mystic
Rune Readings, Crystal Lamps, Pendulums, Rune Sets.
Booth N°315b
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Joan King
Joan is a psychic and chakra reader, intuitive strategist, energy healer, and hypnotherapist.
Booth N°224a
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Joyce's Wire Works
Handmade jewelry by Joyce, with crystals or cabochon, earrings, wood carved w/crystals or cabochon on them, lots of natural specimens, also some purchased crystals like chakra pendants.
Booth N°117b
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Judy Abbott
Judy has been a professional psychic for many years She is certified in parapsychology & astrology & is a natural health consultant. Business, relationships, health, mediumship, choices, life traps, career, connections to your guides, messages from angels, palm, numerology & tarot cards.
Booth N°115
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KAMI Crystals
Custom one of a kind Activated Crystals that will help you activate your spiritual gifts, find your life purpose, connect with your soul and guides; plus Energy Healing sessions.
Booth N°311
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Karen Barclay Spiritual Medium & Psychic
Karen will be offering the opportunity to connect with those that have crossed over; also provide readings that offer guidance & clarity to your present situations and giving you directions & tools to help you understand the changes that are coming.
Booth N°217b
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Karmic Crystals & Sunshine Glass
Tarot Card & Crystal Readings. Loose crystals, wire wrapped jewelry & stained glass sun catchers.
Booth N°302 & 304
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KarmicDNA Life Purpose Healing
KarmicDNA knowledge clears misconceptions about our self, reshaping our awareness to find out our inner purpose gifts & tools. BioEnergy Therapy uses the energy of Life Purpose to uplift & empower you to create, optimum health & success.
Booth N°306