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Toronto Spring - Lectures Stage 1
Free with Admission

Friday April 6, 2018
Quantum Awareness & Psychic Intuition
Dennis Andersen
How is your consciousness reflected in the spiritual, mental and physical realms.
Zen Card Demo
Osho Zen Tarot is a unique and powerful deck. During her lecture Debbie will demonstrate how Osho Zen is different and will show how it compares to the standard tarot. A few people will be selected to have a very brief, very public, one card reading. Come & enjoy.
The Power to Achieve Your Goals
Lynn Stevenson
How shapes, colours & crystals can influence our lives and how to use them to attract the desired energies into our daily lives.
Saturday April 7, 2018
ssShhh Your Body is Listening
Richard Leach
Are you the unconscious director of life struggle, illness, dis-ease & health? Dr Richard Leach, a metaphysician, uncovers hidden powers only you can wield over your life & how to use the breakthrough science of Epigenetics to create your health.
Help, I Think My Kid is Psychic
Liz Throp
Liz will discuss ways to determine your child's abilities & what to do about it. As a parent or relative it can be difficult to help a gifted child when you don’t have the knowledge to do so. Learn what to do & not do for exceptional children.
Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine Via Sound
Gaisheda Kheawok
In the Seneca & Celtic traditions, being a Singer is synonymous with Healing. In the Shamanic Energy Medicine Tradition, “everything is energy & everything is frequency”. Sacred Sounds open the Soul’s Wisdom & our gifts of Birth.
Why Our Lives Are The Way They Are
Darryl Philip
Darryl is a researcher of spiritual truths. He explains why we are beginning to remember or awaken to who we truly are. Why is there so much evil when God is loving? What happens to us after this life? Join Darryl to answer these questions & more.
Shift of Consciousness
Karen Barclay
My readings are channeled & I shall be offering guidance & understanding to the many changes that are happening in the world & to mankind, as we all start to shift toward manifesting energies & becoming more intuitive & multi-sensory human beings.
Live Audience Psychic-Mediumship
Sage Riley
Sage Riley will be doing live psychic-mediumship readings for audience participants at his lecture.
Sunday April 8, 2018
Dealing with the Skeptics
Galen Hook
Today more than ever we are seeing the rise of scientific scrutiny & doubt concerning the metaphysical, but can everything be measured? Discover the psychology & science you need to have those tough conversations with friends & loved ones.
Opening Up Your Intuition
Joan King
Prepare yourself to open up your intuition. Learn to centre & ground yourself. Calling in your spiritual guides to receive your messages. What can block your intuition.
The Magic of Hypnosis
Luke Michael Howard
Luke will give an interactive & experiential talk on the power of hypnosis for personal change. He will give the audience demonstrations of hypnosis as well as an intervention where he removes an audience member's fear or phobia of something that has been holding them back.
Protecting Your Energy & Your Space
Lianne Graham
Meditating or opening our consciousness can make us more sensitive to energy, & lead to feeling drained & ungrounded. During this talk you will learn simple techniques to clear & protect your yourself from negativity, & other unwelcome energies.