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Toronto Spring - Lectures Stage 2
Free with Admission

Friday April 6, 2018
Communicating With Spirit, Discover You
Angele Valade
Divine guidance in communicating with spirit. Angele shares her personal journey with spirit. Her lecture is audience participation based and everyone receives a free crystal.
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose channels God, Christ, Ascended Masters & the Angelic Realm. Divinity steps-in to both speak & heal through her & the messages are often prophetic. Enjoy hearing some of the twists & turns in Elizabeth's story while receiving Angelic healing.
All About Angels
Lenka Kamenicky
Learn about Guardian Angels and how they assist us and protect us throughout various stages of our life.
Saturday April 7, 2018
Introduction to Pendulums & Crystals
Ricky Faria
Find out more on how to choose & use a pendulum and other polished crystals, their properties & uses to live a better life.
Connecting With Your Guides
Betty Jane Ware
Betty Jane will give an introduction to Spirit Guide Communication.
Opening Your Mind to Grow
Kristie DeWaele
For new opportunities we need to open our minds for travel, & different cultures. Many cultures have different spiritual ways of connecting with gods, loved ones & spirits. Opening up & allowing new vibes will strengthen & bring in positive energy.
Clearing, Protecting & Uplifting Energy
Lauren Uhde
Learn how to take charge of your energy and your life. Learn techniques everyone can do to clear, protect, & uplift energy so you can be your best self and can remain in control of your own happiness and well-being. Live your higher vibe life.
Sacred Smudge to Purge Your Closets
Carol Richardson
The benefits of Chakra energy & clearing of negative energy. Springtime is a perfect time to clear negative energy lurking in your home.
Sunday April 8, 2018
Validating Signs & Healing
Cathy Chafe
Giving insight as to how to validate a message from the other side. How to use your energy to control your future and outcome of situations. How to change or shift our energy to be prosperous. We all have a purpose, what is yours?
An Energetic Romp Through the Chakras
Tiffany Lazic
Called “the place where our biology & biography meed”, chakras are powerful energy centres that support health in body, mind, & spirit. This short introduction will help you identify your chakras, determining which are open, which are blocked & how to maintain healthy chakras.
The Body Code/Emotion Code
Marco Bortolussi
Are you suffering from stress or anxiety? Do you suffer from nagging physical ailments? Do you feel disconnected, like as if the law of attraction is working in reverse for you? The Body Code identifies and releases the root causes.
Meditation & Spiritual Development
Dennis Walcott Bsc
Dennis Walcott Bsc will show you how to develop and grow spiritually. He will also explain how you can overcome stress through meditation.